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The company Bortoli was founded in the late 1800s as a family business of basket weavers, for decades specializing in the processing of rattan and wicker for baskets and chairs.
With the years and in addition to baskets and chairs it begins to produce small furniture and lounges classics up to entire sets of dining rooms and lounges.

At the third generation the company changes direction specializing towards more challenging pieces of furniture.
Specializing in rattan cane manufacturing<7b> and then expanding with the processing of other natural fibers such as bamboo, the crocco and abaca.
Since 1986 it established a partnership with a major Indonesian manufacturer for the creation of special models and special processes thus expanding its model lines.

A breakthrough came in 1995 as it begins, after careful studies and prototypes, the use of a particular material such as the crash-bamboo which gives the possibility to use the bamboo skin on linear and modern design therefore suitable to the needs of the Italian market.
Thanks to this innovation, and Italian design, the company expands and reaches markets beyond the Alps.

After years of development it is characterized by furnishing elements of modern design but with ethnic materials that make them unique in the market, refined taste and warm suitabke for all living requirements.

In addition to the standard catalog the company offers:

Now the furniture by Bortoli can be found throughout Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Belgium, Russia, Central Africa and UAE by various dealers, architects and projects in several hotels.


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